Bhakti Yoga Ashram & Holistic Retreat Centre

Dod Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 8BZ – 0044 (0)1458 832 300
info [at] shekinashram.org


Shekinashram is an ashram and holistic retreat centre with a difference:

Yoga Teacher Training – Intensive

  • B&B accommodation
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Daily morning arati
  • Kirtan and meditation
  • Organic vegan lunches
  • Sauna
  • Complementary therapies
  • Meditation room hire
  • Weekly groups, and courses


Shekinashram is a bhakti yoga ashram, situated on the side of Chalice Hill, and it has been a hub of activity in Glastonbury since its inception in 2003.  It is run on a mostly voluntary basis and operates without motivation for profit.  It is a place of worship, and acts as a space of sanctuary for many.

It is a place of retreat and celebration both peaceful and dynamic, the ambience here is homely, relaxed, grounded and is focused on living consciously, peacefully and truthfully. This is a place to take rest, reflect and journey deeper into your spiritual practice. As a spiritual community, Shekinashram is a western evolution of an ancient tradition where sacred space is created away from the world where individuals come to both cultivate and draw upon spiritual sustenance. The ashram is run by Elahn Keshava, Gisela Lirusso (Radhe), and Prema Lakshmi, and a great team of staff, Adam, Helen, Radhika, Prem Das, and a devoted group of local volunteers. There is a friendly, devotional atmosphere where work is treated as meditation and selfless service is used as a spiritual practice.