The Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish a vibrant, living community
founded on each ones total commitment to the Truth.

A beautiful space which will provide the perfect environment
for the revelation of Absolute Being,
where family is always present, where you are always welcome,
where you can take sanctuary
and receive honest reflection 
24 hours a day 365 days a year.
A place where the light is always shining bright,
and Truth, not illusion is the presiding reality.
A place where you can rest, work, and serve alongside brothers and sisters
with a common goal, where even in your darkest moments
you are accepted just as you are
and encouraged to be authentic, honest and True.
A place where Love, Devotion and Service are offered as the panacea to all ills.
A place where we will build a future based on harmony with nature
and the natural cycles of life,
rather than resisting the ebb and flow of the Great Way.

We all have our dreams,
and many share this vision of living in enlightened community.
Whilst challenges may come, so too will solutions,
We are the creators of the Reality we perceive,
we have created our current experience of life,
and we are capable of weaving a new dream.