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November 2017

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January 2018

The heart of Lemuria ~ awakening the gifts within
Date27th January 2018 - 11am -6pm
WithAbbey and Luisa
InformationFrom the heart chakra of the planet Glastonbury
I will be bringing in the Lemurian Unicorns for an incredible past life healing and a soul realignment to your mission ~ you will not only meet your Lemurian Unicorn you will receive a powerful physical healing from them too ~ Sound activations to awaken your gifts from Lemuria by Abbey Myners ~ we will be working with Lemurian gold seed crystals blessed from Mount Shasta and Glastonbury Red and White springs to hold these frequencies and a very special guest, Hay House author Tim Whild who will be powerfully activating your chakras to bring your gifts forth... blessings to you Marialuisa and The Lemurian Unicorns 💕🦄
Please book your spot early as space is limited
£80.00 for this offering
ContactAbbey 01209 822 587 or
07967 360878

February 2018

Heart of Yoga Retreat
DateFriday 2nd – Sunday 4th February
WithLila Conway and Elahn Keshava
InformationHatha and Bhakti Yoga Retreat
ContactLila at info@yogaprema.org

March 2018

Spring Yoga Retreat
DateFriday 2nd – Sunday 4th March
InformationO​ur fifth nourishing & rejuvenating Spring retreat at the Ashram in Glastonbury, this is in a beautiful sacred space just at the foot of the magical Tor. Strengthen your mind-body-breath connection & deepen your practice with morning chanting / twice daily yoga practice / nightly sound healing with the soothing sounds of the crystal & tibetan bowls / guided meditation/ transformational healing / hiking to high vibrational woods of Wookey Hole / sauna / trip to the Tor / explore the magical town and healing wells of Glastonbury, only a short stroll away from the ashram.

Please check here for details on the ashram http://shekinashram.org/accommodation/#

Prices start at just £154 for 2 nights accommodation for a dorm room to £200 for standard twin room. 3 night option also available please contact us for pricing.... This includes all activities and yummy vegan breakfast
ContactTasha at tranquillityinthecity@gmail.com

DateFriday 30th March - Sunday 1st April 2018
WithEvelien Fokker
InformationYoga, Cello, Latifa Meditation, Vegan Food & Accomodation
at a beautiful Yoga Retreat at the foot of Glastonbury's Tor !

Feel the earth's heart 💛 chakra yourself.
Embrace the unknown; magic is out there!

YogaCello Retreat

Join Evelien for a long weekend yoga retreat at the beautiful and sacred Shekinah Yoga Retreat situated at the foot of Glastonbury’s Tor and the Chalice Hill in the heart of Glastonbury. During your stay there will be morning and evening Yoga sessions with live cello and singing by Evelien. You will experience the Sufi Latifa meditation which is an ancient transformational exercise for body and soul. You will also have the opportunity to join in with the daily ashram events, such as Arati, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy, Vedic Fire Ceremony & Kirtan.
Contactinfo@gevoeligesnaar.nl / e.n.fokker@gmail.com
+ 31 6 39127163

April 2018

Annual Cleansing Retreat
DateThursday 26th – Monday 30th April 2018
WithElahn Keshava & Gisela Lirusso
Daily Meditation, Juices, Soma Yoga with Nicole Aarons, Sauna, Quiet Time, Rest. 5 Nights Accommodation, Colonic Session and all other additional activities included.

This 5 day retreat offers the opportunity for a deep internal cleanse.

It is a juice fast where we take herbs and cleansing drinks to detoxify the body. Often this cleanse facilitates the release of toxic matter (mucoid plaque) and you are invited to participate in a liver flush which often causes the liver to release hundreds of toxic cholesterol stones.

Lose Weight, Build Health, Release Trapped Emotions, Increase Energy Levels.
ContactPrema Lakshmi at Shekinashram 01458 832 300

May 2018

Laughter Yoga Leader Training Retreat
Date4th - 6th May 2018
WithOdette Kurland and Morag Wylie
InformationLaughter Yoga leader training retreat.
Includes whole 2 day fully certified laughter yoga leader training, accommodation and delicious vegan meals.
Bookings via http://www.londongong.co.uk/event/laughter-yoga-leader-training-retreat-in-glastonbury/
ContactOdette Kurland from Laughter Yoga Wellness UK
Morag Wylie - Live Laugh Breath
info@livelaughbreathe.co.uk 07756 490562

June 2018

Programme to Empower the Feminine
DateFriday 29th June - Sunday 1st July
WithSonraya Grace
InformationRetreat Weekend - for more info, please visit: www.sonrayagrace.com
ContactSonraya at 07802769030

July 2018

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August 2018

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September 2018

Medicine for the Heart
Date27th - 30th September
WithNicole Aarons, Elahn Keshava and Gisela Lirusso
Kirtan - Soma Yoga - Vedic Fire Ceremony - Despacho
Soma Nidra - Cacao Ceremony - Yogic Philosophy - Sauna
Medicine Songs - Storytelling - Delicious Vegan Meals
Plant Medicine Journey - Dreamwork - Heart Sharing

October 2018

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November 2018

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December 2018

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