Gisela Lirusso – Biography

Argentinian-born Radhe – Gisela Lirusso has been living at Shekinashram since January 2006. She has always been interested in the pursuit of spiritual evolution, and her strong connection with Mother Earth started when she went travelling in search of Truth and Unity. In the course of her journey, she lived in different communities across South America, Europe and Egypt, dreaming to set up a community one day. Radhe has studied different natural paths to healing, including Reiki, yoga training, massage, spargiric medicine, working with the wisdom of crystals and other holistic therapies. Her main passions are medicinal plants & herbs and currently studying for an ayurvedic medicine diploma. In 2004, she started to teach medicinal plant courses and workshops connecting with the spirit of the plant, and plant journey. She heals using different techniques, through the power of nature and using her intuition.

IMG_2868In January 2006, Radhe’s path led her to Shekinashram, where she met her partner Elahn. Shortly afterwards, Radhe began to work alongside Elahn directing Shekinashram together and also running inspirational bhakti retreats and cleansing retreats. Radhe and Elahn now have a beautiful daughter called Tulsi who was born in 2010. Since then she has been immersed in devotional life, learning traditional vedic ceremonies and rituals. Together with Elahn, she has a huge passion for playing kirtan as they open their hearts and share the gift of kirtan with others. Elahn and Radhe play Kirtan at many different festivals and in many different countries around the world.