Vegetarian Yoga Retreat Centre


Dear Friends of Shekinashram / Shekinah Yoga Retreat, we want to inform you that due to the global situation regarding the corona virus we feel it is the only responsible course of action to close the ashram to guests and visitors for the short term for everybody's safety and wellbeing. 
We are keeping a close eye on the Corona Virus situation and will reopen as soon as we feel able.  We encourage you to stay in your hearts, go within and take advantage on the spaciousness emerging in certain areas of our lives and to draw deeply from within, giving faith and nourishment away from the external media frenzy.  Stay grounded, be responsible and take care of your selves and each other during this unique time where we have an opportunity to re-evaluate what our real priorities are in life and the world around us.
Regarding current bookings, cancellations and any transfers or refunds, please bear with us knowing we are a small business and that we are all in this together, and that we are striving to find respectful, fair solutions based on community understanding and aspirations for collective sustainability.   Please avoid phoning with corona virus enquiries, rather please email any enquiries to info@shekinahyogaretreat.com.

Radheshyam and blessings and much love from Shekinah.

Jai Sri Radhe!



Dod Lane, Glastonbury, BA6 8BZ - 0044 (0)1458 832 300 info [at] shekinashram.org



  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Daily morning arati
  • Kirtan and meditation
  • Delicious Vegan lunches
  • Sauna
  • Complementary therapies
  • Meditation room hire
  • Weekly groups, and courses

Shekinah Yoga Retreat Centre is situated on the side of Chalice Hill, and it has been a hub of activity in Glastonbury since its inception as Shekin Ashram in 2003.  It is a philanthropic project and acts as a space of sanctuary for many. It is a place of retreat and celebration both peaceful and dynamic, the ambience here is homely, relaxed, grounded and is focused on living consciously, peacefully and truthfully. This is a place to take rest, reflect and journey deeper into your spiritual practice. As a spiritual community, we hold a sacred space, created away from the world where individuals come to both cultivate and draw upon spiritual sustenance. The Retreat is now run by Kamala Priya (Clare Belmont), with the support of Elahn Keshava and Gisela Lirusso, and a great team of residents, Jaya Shree, Krishna Charan, Samudra and Davy and a devoted group of volunteers. There is a friendly, devotional atmosphere where work is treated as meditation and selfless service is used as a spiritual practice.