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Dear Shekinah Friends, we are closed until further notice, though feel called to connect with our message.


An Urgent Appeal

Educate and Prepare Yourselves


We are at a critical pivotal point in humanities history.

Whether your perspective is spiritual, religious, environmental, scientific, technological, conspiratorial or social we are in unparalleled times.  Beneath the fear and propaganda we have been fed by the media during enforced lockdown there has been a global opportunity to reassess our own lives, what we consider ‘essential’ or what is really important to us, and of course to consider the future humanity is rapidly progressing toward.


As you may already be aware, what is going on in the world now is way beyond Covid-19.  The official news agencies and social media are now limiting free speech and increasing ridiculing and vilifying those who challenge the standard narrative as endorsed by official agencies.


This is an appeal for people to educate themselves:


Educate yourselves around who and what is behind the global vaccination agenda.


Educate yourselves about why this global financial collapse has been orchestrated and is related to the emergence of digital currency and its wider implications.


Educate yourself about the coming levels of surveillance and how our movements and personal interests are increasingly tracked.

Educate yourself about 5G and what is behind it. 

It has already begun its intention for global satellite coverage permanently radiating Earth without safety testing, humanities consent or consideration for the environment.  It is the foundation for the next level of ‘smart’ AI technology that is being planned for our future.


Do your own research, sort the wheat from the chaff and then share that information courageously and responsibly because our future liberty and the world we create from here on in depends on it.  If enough people do their own research and become educated then we will be in a strong enough position to tip the balance so that we can globally create the new future of humanity.


Rather than buying into the media hysteria, our current situation presents many opportunities, and is a time to deepen spiritual practise, a time of prayer, meditation and deep reflection.  It is a time to connect more with nature and our natural rhythms, and a time to become strong in ourselves, clear on our perspectives and aspirations, to keep our vibration high, and to not be afraid to stand up for what we believe in.  


A beautiful future awaits humanity if we stand together and are proactive in creating that change.  

Remember apathy is a fools consent.  

Courage is infectious.  


Become a part of the Solution. 





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Shekinah Yoga Retreat Centre is situated on the side of Chalice Hill, and it has been a hub of activity in Glastonbury since its inception as Shekin Ashram in 2003.  It is a philanthropic project and acts as a space of sanctuary for many. It is a place of retreat and celebration both peaceful and dynamic, the ambience here is homely, relaxed, grounded and is focused on living consciously, peacefully and truthfully. This is a place to take rest, reflect and journey deeper into your spiritual practice. As a spiritual community, we hold a sacred space, created away from the world where individuals come to both cultivate and draw upon spiritual sustenance. The Retreat is now run by Kamala Priya (Clare Belmont), with the support of Elahn Keshava and Gisela Lirusso, and a great team of residents, Jaya Shree, Krishna Charan, Samudra and Davy and a devoted group of volunteers. There is a friendly, devotional atmosphere where work is treated as meditation and selfless service is used as a spiritual practice.