About Shekinah Yoga Retreat

Vegetarian Retreat Centre - Bed & Breakfast and Workshop Venue


The retreat is now run by Kamala Priya (Clare Belmont), with the support of Elahn Keshava and Gisela Lirusso, and a great team of residents, Jaya Shree, Krishna Charan, Samudra, Davy, and a devoted group of volunteers, and is also a home to the many staying guests and day visitors passing through from all corners of the globe. All are welcome, and are considered members of this community whilst here.

We offer you this opportunity to visit our beautiful sacred space and be touched by its uniqueness. We are a yoga retreat, focused on living yogic principles through the Four Paths of Yoga, and choose to live according to a set of principles that support our spiritual and ethical aspirations.  Many who visit remark upon the peace, devotion, spaciousness, and the acceptance they experience within themselves here, and leave inspired, refreshed and renewed.

We respect the precept of non-violence, and therefore ask that any food brought onto the premises be strictly vegan and sattvic. This means food free from animal ingredients, ie no meat, fish, eggs, onion, garlic, mushroom or their derivatives. Please ask for more details if required.

We enjoy a vegan diet, and eat our main meal of the day together at lunchtime - community residents, guests and visitors. We begin each day with our morning practice, followed by a Shekinah Yoga Retreat Superfood Smoothie breakfast!

We have a smoke, caffeine and alcohol free policy in the house and garden.

Illegal / recreational drugs are also not permitted here.
We ask that pets are not brought by visitors,
and this includes not leaving them in a parked car. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Our altar in the meditation room.
Sri Sri Radha Krsna & Gaura Nitai.