All Is Vibration


We become what we focus upon. Everything we say, think and do carries vibration and therefore carries consequences. The human condition is always subject to the Universal law of cause and effect. What we focus on is reflected back to us and becomes the reality we perceive, and therefore what we become.

All religious traditions stress the importance of keeping ‘right company’. Surrounding ourselves, where possible, with those who reflect our highest spiritual aspirations is very important if we are sincere in our intention to make manifest these aspirations. However, whilst we think of our external relationships as the primary company we experience, the truth is our mind is the primary company we keep. When we acknowledge this we might consider whether we rate our own mind as good company. Generally speaking our minds are completely out of control and running the whole show of our life without our conscious permission. The mind’s true purpose is to serve the Being, not the other way around. For the mind to serve the Being it has to be brought under control, at least to the point where we are able to objectively question the validity of what it comes up with, and therefore to be able to respond to it intelligently, rather than automatically; following through with pre-conditioned unconscious reaction. If we are to find peace within ourselves we are wise to give the mind something constructive to do that supports our natural attraction to the more transcendental states of consciousness such as peace, bliss, love and happiness. The mind is a natural worker; it likes to be engaged, so why not give it something useful to do?

Chanting Mantra

The lower mind likes to think and be busy, for this reason it makes a lot of sense Hanumanto use this characteristic to our advantage. Having a mantra repeating over in the mind has its distinct advantages. It creates a vibrational shift in the basic quality of consciousness experienced, and keeps us mindful of our Divine Nature. The mind becomes purified of useless thought and becomes increasingly absorbed in the Divine. The mind becomes stiller and simpler, and life respectively becomes more peaceful and blissful.

Mantra is a formula of words infused with the potency of sacred intention. They are a prayer, and usually chanted in ancient languages such as Sanskrit, Aramaic, Arabic etc. Often mantra is an invocation of a deity or Divine quality. They are chanted either out loud, under the breath or internally. Some people use beads or a rosary to help keep the mind focused on the mantra.