Help Support Our Charaties

Shekinashram actively supports the following charities:

Sri Radhey Seva Trust 

Sandi Pani Muni Childrens School

Social Development Vrindavan

Trees for Life VrindavanVaishnavi Eyes

The Tulsi Trust

Amma’s Charities

Glastonbury Weekly Prasadam Distribution

Green Peace



Jai Sri Lakshmi Devi!

In our previous incarnation as Shekinashram, we grew and evolved in our own devotional service and were fortunate enough to be able to expand our work beyond the physical boundaries of the ashram with an outreach programme to support humanitarian projects engaged in doing great service for the poor, sick and hungry in India.  Now in it’s new incarnation Shekinah Yoga Retreat is continuing and developing this work.

In virtually all spiritual traditions it is recognised as essential to ones own spiritual advancement to support those who inspire us spiritually. It is also considered a blessing to offer this small service as a gesture of devotion to the Supreme. In this spirit we have offered our supportive association to the various projects listed by offering financial and energetic support where possible.

Please feel free to browse their sites and offer your own independant support if you feel able in some way. Often for us in the western world £5.00 per week can be unnoticable, however to a child in Vrindavan it can mean the difference between having an education or not. This can make a dramatic difference to their life, and with a standing order set up from your bank account it happens automatically without further effort. If you feel I cannot afford this, consider that the single most powerful step toward attracting a properous existence is to first make offerings to the Divine in the form of giving to others. After all the Divine gives us everything, we are not the owners of anything, we are simply guardians for a limited time. Even our bodies, our most precious ‘possession’ are reclaimed in a reletively short time. It is in everyones best interest to use our resources for the greater good of all, and it feels great to feel like we can make a difference to someone’s life.

Vaisnava dasa dasanudasa…. aspiring to serve the servant of the servant of the Lord.