Eco-Bhakti Aldea

All Glories to Sri Guru & Gauranga!
Please accept our dandavat pranams.
Eco Bhakti Aldea is a new bhakti project located in a remote mountain valley near Villa Alpina. We are dedicated to living a simple devotional life in a largely self sustainable way utilising the natural resources in our surrounding environment. We are a land based project, with forests and pure mountain rivers for bathing, pure spring water, solar power systems, a beautiful temple space, and we intend to cultivate food in our organic gardens for prasadam preparations.

Eco Bhakti Aldea is the sister project to Shekinashram in the UK. Whilst the project is solely focused on Radha Krsna bhakti, and aspires to proliferate the teachings of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, our mood is to maintain a welcoming openness, and non-judgemental allowance of others practising alternative traditions without compromising our own values or practises. We aspire to in some way demonstrate the simple beauty and humility of the vaisnava path, as given by our Gurudeva and the acarayas of our parampara, by focusing on cultivating relationship through offering service with love and affection. We aspire to create a devotional village life environment that is naturally attractive to those who wish to enter or deepen in spiritual life.

We are inviting devotees to visit, joining us on a journey aspiring to live in prem rasa sangha. We are particularly looking for practically minded responsible individuals and families who want to develop sadhana and seva experience whilst staying in an environment that bridges the east and west and material and spiritual worlds.

Individuals are welcome to stay by advanced arrangement. We may have some cabin accommodation available, including two 15 bed dormitories, and we also invite guests to bring tents, yurts, tipis and caravans, etc. Groups of a similar resonance are also welcome to use our centre on a self contained basis.

This is not a commercial project rather we are wishing to run the project by donations in a seva mood. We ask for a nominal weekly contribution to cover the most basic costs, and offer this place as a service to those who desire to stay in a sattvic retreat environment in order to intensify their sadhana and improve their health. We welcome you to join us in creating a deepening environment of love and affection where the creeper of bhakti can naturally flourish. Hare Krsna !

Please note that Eco Bhakti Aldea is currently closed to visitors whilst we are in England. Our intention is to re-open in January 2011. Please make any enquiries via email.

Please Donate or Loan!
Whilst everything is going ahead very well and we have been successful in raising over two thirds of the cost, we still have to find £69,000 in the next 6 months to complete the purchase in order to secure the projects future. If you feel inspired to support the project in any way, can afford to donate or offer a loan (we can pay competative interest) please feel free to make contact with us or donate into our account directly. Your generousity is greatly appreciated and used wisely for the greater good of all who come to be a part of this beautiful project.
Welcome….. Keshava (Elahn) & Radhe

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