The Vision Statement

Manifested from the evolution of Shekinashram,
Shekinah Yoga Retreat is a centre for it’s guests, visitors, and organisers to evolve,
transform and deepen in their own practice in a safely held space, and an inspiring
environment for the nourishment of the mind, body and soul.

We are an ethical business that advocates incorporating yoga into everyday life,
promoting health, wellbeing, healing and renewal through following the 4 paths of yoga:
Bhakti yoga – love and devotion.
Jnana yoga – knowledge of the Self.
Raja yoga – control of the mind – self mastery.
Karma yoga – selfless service.

Our aim is that everyone involved feels empowered to
lead vibrant creative lives through the practice of yoga and meditation.

We invite all involved to discover their own true nature through
comprehensive yoga and meditation practice for all levels utilising workshops,
immersive retreats, teacher trainings and philosophical study.
We aim to achieve a level of equilibrium that enables us to
experience the challenges of our human lives with open hearted ease.

We are committed teachers, workshop leaders, volunteers and owners
inspired by a work environment where individuals lead,
and are part of a retreat centre that thrives on
personal connection, nonviolence and a spirit of freedom.

Shekinah is the visible, feminine aspect of the Divine.
The descent of grace into the manifest universe.