Gisela Lirusso – Biography

Argentinian-born – Gisela Lirusso has always been interested in the pursuit of spiritual evolution.
Her strong connection with Mother Earth started when she went travelling on 1999 in search of truth and unity.
In the course of her journey, she lived in different communities across South America, Europe and Egypt,
her dream was to set up a community one day.

She worked in different countries as a scuba diving instructor which gave her the opportunity to explore the world and to deepen her experience of the sacredness of nature and the ocean.  During this time Gisela studied different natural healing paths, including yoga training, massage, Reiki and working with the wisdom of crystals
and other holistic therapies. Her main devotion is directed toward studying and teaching about the qualities and effects of medicinal plants and in particular spargiric medicine which is the alchemical facet of plant medicine.

She is passionate about medicinal plants & herbs and loves to make spargiric medicine other potions in her laboratory.  In 2004 she begun teaching medicinal plant cIMG_2868ourses and workshops, connecting with the spirit of the plant, and working with plant spirit journeys. She heals using different techniques, through the power of nature and by using her intuition.  Gisela has travelled in Asia and within South America several times, especially Peru were she has been taught by the Q’ueros (native Peruvian indians), the sacred and deep ceremony called a ‘despacho’.

A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering, and for Gisela this ceremony is a way to offer something back to life. It is an offering to Pachamama, by creating a space in time that allows us to feel and show our gratitude.    Gisela shares this blissful ceremony of prayer, gratitude and celebration of life in festivals and with personal friends.

📷In January 2006, Gisela’s path led her to Shekinashram, where she met Elahn who was to become her partner. Shortly afterwards, Gisela began to work alongside Elahn to direct the ashram (   In 2015 she started her own “Radhe Retreats” business.   Elahn and Gisela have run inspirational bhakti retreats, cleansing retreats, and different workshops and ceremonies for many years. They also play kirtan at different festivals and in different countries around the world. Gisela has learnt traditional vedic ceremonies and kirtan and loves to share this heart opening gift with others.


Gisela and Elahn now have a beautiful daughter called Tulsi who was born in 2010. She has been the most precious gift and a wonderful daughter who always travels with them sharing in all that they do.