Introductory Workshop on Transformational Breath

At this 1/2 Day Workshop you will learn how to use this simple breathing technique to enable you to


  • CLEAR EMOTIONAL BLOCKS supper fast and permanently!!!!
  • FEEL completely ENERGIZED!
  • BE the HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST you have ever been!

I will be teaching the fundamentals of Transformational Breath ® including ……
How it works, How to use this technique in your own daily practice. How to connect to your power, through the conscious use of your own breath and how to utilize your full breathing capacity. You will experience the benefits and application of a full, deep, connected breath. Learn how to ….Eliminate Restrictive Breathing Patterns and bring yourself healing Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. You will also discover of the amazing amount of benefits it can bring to yours, and others lives. Learn to relax deeply and let go fully.

The breath is the most effective healing instrument that we possess: it’s free and it’s always available to us.

Julie Ann Horrox is a fully certified facilitator and workshop leader, she has 15yrs experience with conscious breathwork and is the UK Ambassador for the International Breath Foundation

Investment in your physical health and well-being is £55.00, includes one full breathwork session.
Venue: Shekinashram, Dod Lane, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
Times:  1.30 to 5.30pm, for more info and bookings including accommodation please contact Julie Ann on

Phone: 07967308695

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