Prema Lakshmi


Prema Lakshmi first visited Shekinashram as a guest on a personal retreat in April 2013.  At that time she was still Lucy Lord and chose to take some time out from her busy life in the corporate world. 

During that week she was exposed to the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in the morning programme with Elahn Keshava and Kirtan with Elahn and Gisela which had a profound and lasting impression on her.

Within 12 months and many other visits to the ashram Prema Lakshmi decided to let go of the corporate world in search for truth and understanding of why we are here. 

Once the leap of faith had been taken everything opened up and fell into place.  Prema Lakshmi became a resident in the ashram in June 2014 and travelled to India soon after, to submerge in a month long intensive yoga teacher training of Hatha and Bhakti yoga.  The course was run by Elahn Keshava and Lila Conway and this is where  Lucy was given the name of Prema Lakshmi Devi Dasi.

Since returning to the ashram, Prema Lakshmi has taken on the position of manager of the project, and has been teaching yoga as well as running occasional retreats of her own.  

She has continued to travel to India to assist on Yoga courses, visit sacred sites, and to deepen her relationship with her Guru, Sri Ramana Bihari Dasa Babaji, and was formally initiated by Him in June 2017.

Now Shekinashram has evolved into Shekinah Yoga Retreat with Prema Lakshmi  driving the project forward while still taking advice and support from Elahn Keshava and Gisela Lirusso. The project now being based around the 4 paths of yoga (Bhakti, Raja, Karma and Jnana) Prema Lakshmi is very inspired to see what the future holds.