Here at Shekinah Yoga Retreat, we are perfectly set up
for those who wish to take time out of the usual routine, to rest and rejuvenate.
Those who visit say how peaceful it is here; a place which is totally conducive to
allowing yourself to just Be for a while.

You can create your own retreat, dependent upon your own deepest requirement.
Your room is your own for your entire stay, and can be your hermitage.
We can make lunch available for you, and can assist you in suggestions for your evening meal
(which you can prepare here in the kitchen with your own food).
Please note that being a yoga centre we respect a sattvic diet,
and apart from asking that people bring only vegan / vegetarian food onto the premises (no egg products),
we also ask that people refrain from cooking onions, garlic and mushrooms here.
There are also cafés and restaurants in town if this is preferred,
and also a very good wholefood shop locally.

You may choose to do very little whilst you are here.
You may aspire to deepen your spiritual practice or partake of our weekly program;
Rest and sleep, browse our library, join us for morning meditation, take a relaxing therapy,
learn how to prepare vegan food by assisting in lunch preparation, idle away in the garden,
or take a walk up over sacred Chalice Hill to the Tor and the fields beyond.

Prices begin at £22 per night in the shared cabin inclusive of breakfast.
Please phone if you would like further details of our prices and retreat facilities
01458 832 300 or email us at

For those who would like to experience life from the inside of Shekinah Yoga Retreat,
as a short term community member, living and working within the community,
learning about and experiencing something of life in the Bhakti Yoga tradition,
we offer a 1 or 2 week program called the Karma Yoga Exchange Programme
for only £65.00 per week.

On this program you have an opportunity to experience many of the different facets of
yogic life and to journey deeper in active meditation, working with love in the space,
helping to create a spiritual atmosphere in and around the centre for the benefit of all who
visit.  Simple as it is, this program often has a profound effect on participants who leave
inspired and spiritually renewed ready to integrate many of the things they have learnt and
experienced back into their daily lives in the world.

For further information:
Please call 01458 832 300 or email us at