Sacred Union

Sacred Union
28th February -2nd March
Venue:  Shekinashram, Dod Lane Glastonbury, Somerset, BA6 8BZ, United Kingdom
Times: 10-5pm both days
Price:  Donations.  Suggested Donation £75 per day
Details:  Please wear loose and comfortable clothing.  Be prepared for movement and meditation
Sacred Union is a gathering for all the Warrior Midwives out there being birthed through the alchemy of Sacred Relationship.
Hieros Gamos or the Sacrament of the Bridal Chamber is a term that WAS once used to refer to an ancient rite that culminated in an ecstatic ‘altered state’ between Priest and Priestess as they merged into the ecstatic palpable reality of God.
NOW, in present time we call it Sacred Union, an on-going alchemical transfiguration that not only births the human into Divine, but consciously elevates the rippling tide of EVERYTHING that the relationship touches.
What was once hidden and reserved for the initiated is now reachable and available for two mature, open and willing partners. Is it possible that Sacred  Union, based upon the conscious application of Love, Power and Wisdom, be the path to attain Christhood?
As we move from one paradigm to another, we are urged to elevate the comfort zone of co-dependency up unto a height that is brimming with Victorious partnership. Partnerships that teem with creative ideas and burn with Holy Purpose. It takes work to complete this alchemy, but it is a work that is (w)holly satisfying and 100% in alignment with the Gaian shift we are now all partaking in.
  • Awakening the Divine Human
  • Embrace the Sacred Feminine
  • Activate the Sacred Masculine
  • Invoke the Tantric aspects of Christ
  • Marrying the Light and Shadow
  • On Earth as it is in Heaven; The Great ReBirth
This work is open to men and women, couples and singles and is an eclectic fusion of gnostic, shamanic and tantric traditions. This workshop is for all those inspired to walk a path of Sacred Union out into the world.

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