The Divine Names


It is said that the names of the Divine and the Divine itself are one and the same. To chant or sing the names (Krishna, Shiva, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Divine Mother) means to engage the Divine Being directly and therefore to partake of the blessing force or mercy of this Being. It is said by the Avatars of this age that simply repeating the names of God with sincerity and total devotion will ensure liberation. When the individual self becomes lost in devotion, all sense of separation disappears and so naturally the devotee unifies with God and experiences the unparalleled bliss of Divine Union. When singing mantra, the combination of the potency of the Divine Name and the sonic waves vibrating within the body creates a shift in consciousness which has a purifying healing effect on the whole being.

Devotional Music

RamaAn essential aspect of Bhakti Yoga is Bhajan or Kirtan. This is singing mantras or prayers, usually with musical accompaniment, and most commonly with harmonium, drum, kartels and guitar. This can be done both alone and with others. Singing in this way is an opportunity to pour ones Heart out to the Divine. Joining in song and voice we can open to Pure Consciousness, and lose our little selves in the great resonance of universal harmony. When you sing or chant in such a way your worries in life simply dissolve away