Vrindavan Charities

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As aspiring bhakti yogis, we are closely connected with the holy land of Vrindavan, where Sri Sri Radha Krishna played out their childhood pastimes here in this material world, giving us powerful examples of a life lived as the personification of Transcendental Reality, where heaven manifested on earth forevermore. Even though not really comparable, from our perspective Glastonbury is the closest example that we have here in England of such a place.

In this way we feel a natural inclination to bridge these two powerful epi-centres of spiritual potentcy, where the veils between the material world and spiritual world are very fine, and by feeding energy between these two great pilgrimage centres of the world (drawing spiritual sustenance and rejuvenation from pilgrimages to Vrindavan and feeding revenue generated from our seva projects over here in Glastonbury to the Holy Dham of Vrindavan) we keep a healthy circulation of energetic association flowing between the two.

The Sandi Pani Muni Poor Childrens School, Trees for Life, the Social Development project, Sri Radhey Seva Trust and Sri Radha Giridhari Mandir all operate out of Vrindavan.
The Tulsi Trust have very close links with Glastonbury.

The Sri Radha Giridhari Mandir is an ashram and temple run by Sri Ramana Bihari Dasa Babaji, who is also the founder of ‘Shri Radhey Seva Trust’ based in Vrindavan. They also work very closely with the Tulsi Trust who specialise in offering medical and educational assistance to tribal Bengali refugees who live in the jungle districts of Madhya Pradesh with little or no local amenities.

The Sri Radhey Seva Trust
As well as many other projects including distributing food, water and clothing, the Sri Radhey Seva Trust has recently opened a free medical clinic to offer based medical healthcare to local village people and sadhu’s who have greatly suffered from last years flooding of the Yamuna river. They are providing an invaluable service to as many as funding allows of the poverty striken residents of Vrindavan. They urgently need financial support to keep the clinic open. Please make a donation if you are able.

Sri Ramana Bihari Dasa Babaji who initiated this project visits Glastonbury every year to give guidance and inspiration to those attracted to devotional life.