Yoga Life Retreat

 with Wenche Beard.
4th – 6th July 2014
Telephone – 07812 052 742.
A weekend retreat exploring the art of yoga at Shekinashram Holistic Centre at magical Glastonbury in Somerset. The Yoga-Life retreat will be a unique
experience and an opportunity to step back from the busy life that many of us lead. You are invited to a weekend where you can
step back from everyday life and take some… time out for yourself. You will be exploring different aspects of yoga and learning through experience how these styles and techniques affect our body, spirit and mind. It will also be a weekend filled with fun and an opportunity to meet new people.

Yoga helps you find inner as well as physical strength.

This retreat will allow you to experience the varying yoga practices offered. The weekend’s wide-ranging activities will include meditation, pranayama, inner awareness work and a variety of sound healing and bakti yoga. We will focus on removing stress, restoring balance and creating harmony in body, mind and spirit During the retreat we will be exploring Rasa Vinjasa.

Rasa Vinjasa yoga combines the classical yoga postures and breath with the grace and fluidity of Vinjasa style moving meditation.

This yoga practice is challenging yet caring
to your body. Rasa vinjasa is said to be the yogic `juice of life’ as without it we become dry or stuck in the routine of everyday life. Vinjasa yoga enlivens the body and soul.
It becomes a moving meditation tasting the now.

We will also experience the powerful beauty of Bakti yoga during a complimentary chanting evening at the ashram.

You will be exploring your own relationship with yourself through inner journeys and guidance.
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